Williamsville Gym and Indoor Climbing in Buffalo, NY

*Family Memberships, Kid’s Fitness, Pilates Studio, Personal Training, Sports Rehab, and Climbing

What makes VICTOR DEAN TRAINING different?

“We don’t do sales. We do fitness here at VDT. I have earned multiple degrees in the field, including a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and a Master’s Degree in Nutrition. That science base, along with titles in multiple sports, has enabled me to select each piece of equipment based on performance and results, not because it has a fancy adjustable seat or because the sales person offered me the best deal on that particular model.

“Having sustained some serious sports injuries myself, I have sought out some hard to find but very useful pieces for rehab and sports performance. We have a growing number of climbing walls and climbing obstacles here at VDT as well. In addition to being a fun training component for military personnel, clients competing in mud runs, and customers of all ages, our climbing equipment has allowed us to grow our kid’s programs over the last year and continues to help us get kids in the greater Buffalo area fit in 2013.

“In addition to results based equipment and the training and nutrition services that I personally offer, I have a linked team of health professionals providing services to help people get fit and healthy across WNY. We embrace health and fitness wholeheartedly and we stand up for, well, what we stand for. That is a genuine desire to help our clients and their families live healthier and more enjoyable lives. We aren’t the cheapest gym in town but we also aren’t selling thousands of memberships to people who aren’t ever going to see the inside of the gym. We are a private gym with a few hundred members who are seeing great results and love it here.

“I do my best to meet with each new member, listening to their unique set of circumstances, offering suggestions and discussing the appropriate path to success through our unique health and fitness programs. Whether you’re signing up for a gym membership or you are involved in one of our structured fitness programs, VDT is the place to come to get results and have fun doing it. I look forward to seeing you and your family again soon. Let’s rip it up Buffalo!”

                                                                                                                             – Victor Dean

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Gym Memberships

Standard Monthly Membership $34
1 person
Buddy Membership $27
2 people join at the same time
Triple Membership $24
3 people join at the same time
Family Membership $19
4 people join at the same time
Service Membership $15
police, fire and military personnel. Thank you!
Standard Yearly Membership $329
1 full year to Rip It Up
Climbing Membership $19
Climbing walls and obstacles only. Train insane!
*59 Initiation fee (includes key fob, required for all memberships)*
NOTE: New members must bring in a friend during their 1st month to be eligible for Buddy and Triple Memberships.  Members can bring in a family member at any time for Buddy, Triple, and Family Memberships.
We accept most major health insurance plans, including Independent Health Flex Fit cards. Please use the form below to contact us and we will be happy to set up an appointment to discuss your goals and your membership options. See you soon!