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This gym is fantastic. All the staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and working with Victor has been life changing. I have had many health issues and sports injuries over the years. Victor has helped straighten out my diet which has essentially eliminated many of my health problems and gives me the extra boost for my workouts. The workouts are always challenging but unique and fun. Victor is enthusiastic and motivational and it is a joy to work with someone so passionate about what they do. I find myself looking forward to every session. The best part about Victor Dean Training is that they listen; they really help you to not only reach your goals but exceed them. I love being in a place that really feels like its family. Thank you Victor! You are very inspiring.

Posted By: Lori S

If you are finally ready to get serious about your overall health and well being this is the place for you. The staff at Victor Dean Training are not only well-educated and knowledgeable in the areas of nutrition and exercise science they are positive force that will help you reach you goals. In the past, I have been a member at several fitness clubs in the Buffalo area and have only been a number. Here I feel at home.

Posted By: Jessica

One of the best gyms I have ever belonged to! Before coming to Victor, the goals i was trying to complete for myself were slow and almost non existent. I would spend countless hours in the gym, not eating right, and being uninformed on how to correctly change my diet. Victor showed me the correct way to eat healthy while building muscle. I am now building muscle at a healthy rate and loving it! Victor Deans Training has an awesome atmosphere and very friendly staff.

Posted By: Nicholas

A fun place to be in! I was referred from my good friend after trying other gyms in the area. Although, I was working so hard trying my best to get to my personal goals, I met Victor Dean last year and let me tell you it is great to have a gym that is private and you don’t have to wait for machines. The music is great too so no boring musics that make you want to fall asleep! Victor will listen to you and work with you if put your mind to it but you have to put the work into it. I have dropped 26lbs so far and plan on doing a figure competition in Oct 2012!

Posted By: Keep it 100 KoKo

A great place to get committed to working out. I had joined other gyms and the only exercise I got was writing my monthly check. I am certainly not a body builder by personality but since joining Victor Dean Training I have been committed to regular work outs for over a year. The gym atmosphere and philosophy make it very easy and convenient to get in and out, and get it done!

Posted By: Bob A.

Great experience. I was with a trainer at this facility for many years who later moved on to start his own gym. I decided to stay here and have recently been training with Victor himself and it’s been great. Victor is extremely knowledgeable and also only hires other trainers with degrees which is very important.

Posted By: Sam

“I first meet Victor Dean when he was a personal trainer at Bally Total Fitness about 10 years ago. I had one workout from Victor to get me started and I knew right away that Victor knew a lot about the body and personal training. What I learned some five years later, after seeking out Victor’s help with a diet, is that Victor is by far the best nutrition counselor in the business. I was interested in getting myself back into great shape and decided to enter a drug free body building contest in Toronto, Canada. Victor helped me lose 30 pounds in just 12 weeks and step on stage with the posing skills and confidence to place fourth in my class at my very first competition. I stayed in good shape for years after the contest, thanks to Victor’s nutrition education. Recently, life changes got in the way of training and I again put on some extra weight that was making me feel very unhealthy, both physically and mentally. Victor again was there for me, both as a personal trainer and a friend, to see me through another successful diet and gave much need support in facing some difficulties in my personal life. Victor Dean is a wonderful trainer who is very professional, well educated, and experienced, making him in my opinion the best trainer. His faculty is clean, welcoming, and positive, making working out there very enjoyable. Thank you Victor for all that you do!”

Posted By: Ian C
 Buffalo, NY

“I’m just beginning this journey. My travels have taken me from the dark bush of Africa, to the black sea of Romania, settling now on the shore of Lake Ontario. God has brought me to this challenging place within myself. Glad to be here at Victor Dean Training. Merry Christmas!”

Posted By: Tam Campbell
 Western NY 

“Victor and his entire staff are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I never thought I could enjoy going to the gym (virtually) every day but the relaxed atmosphere and results-driven culture of Victor’s gym make working out a real pleasure! Thanks Victor!”

Posted By: Alexandra P

Our lives have totally changed for the better because of Victor!! If you are serious about getting in shape, look no further than Victor Dean Training!! Victor has been my and my husband’s trainer for three years now, and we are in the best shape of our lives! Victor lays out a comprehensive, balanced, individualized workout program that will really kick your fitness goals into gear. Plus, with Victor’s nutritional background, you will get invaluable advice on how to eat in a way that will help you build strong, lean muscles and get rid of unwanted body fat. We can’t believe how great we feel and look! Our lives have totally changed because of Victor – thanks, Victor!!!

Posted By: Lori

“I came to Victor in March 2008 when I was 57 years old. At the time, I was about 315 pounds at 5’8″ and had been on Type 2 diabetes medication (among others) since fall 2006. With Victor’s help, I’ve lost a lot of weight, gained a lot of muscle, and I feel enormously better and stronger. I started playing racquetball again and am able to regularly beat my 26-yr-old son. Some of the best news is that in May of 2010 my doctor took me completely off ALL diabetes medication. Now I take the stairs at work every opportunity I get just because it feels good. I have more energy at home to enjoy things with my family and I can’t say enough about my results. My wife and I are extremely grateful to Victor for his help. Thank you Victor from both of us!”

Posted By: Jim P
 Williamsville, NY

“As a former athlete, I was surprised one morning when I looked in the mirror and was repulsed by who was looking back at me. How could I have let myself go like that? Right then, I made the decision to start working out. I joined a gym and attempted to train like I did when I was in my 20’s. Well at 38, it turned out things had changed. I got smart and hired Victor Dean as my personal trainer. He does what many other trainers don’t do, he educates you on the science behind weight loss and physical fitness. His education and experience has been paramount in my progress to date. I let Vic know that, “I’m the boss at work, I don’t wanna be the boss here”. That’s all it took. I listened to him and followed his instructions to the letter and couldn’t be happier with the results. I’m not where I want to be yet, but I am very happy about how I look and feel after only 60 days. Incidentally, so is my wife! Thanks Victor!”

Posted By: Craig M
 38 Years Old, Buffalo, NY

“I am a 1st Lieutenant in the New York State Army National Guard and a Registered Nurse. I decided over a year ago that I needed a change in my lifestyle. Victor has given me the tools to make that change and he can help you too! I would have never thought I would be a competitive bodybuilder, but look at me now! Thanks Victor!”

Posted By: Eddie M 
37 Years Old, Buffalo, NY

“I began my search for a personal trainer about 4 months ago. I had gone to the doctor, who told me I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. My options were simple: take a lot of pills for the rest of my life or get myself into shape. I chose the latter and decided to hire Victor Dean as my personal trainer. The results have been amazing. My starting weight was 304 lbs and I am now 245 lbs only 4 months latter. All my measurements, including my percent body fat, have decreased dramatically. As well as the physical differences that come with losing over 60 lbs, all health risks have totally disappeared. The doctor has also taken me off all my prescriptions that I was previously taking. That’s right, I no longer have to take any more pills and my cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure are all normal! If you are willing to listen to Victor, following his nutrition and training programs, you too can achieve incredible results. Not only has Victor Dean given me back my health, but he has given two little girls (Dakota and Delanie) their daddy back. Thanks Victor!”

Posted By: David G
 37 Years Old, Buffalo, NY

“Training with Victor has literally changed how I think and feel about fitness and what it takes to be fit. Instead of shying away from the gym as I had in the past, I now look forward to every session! I’m hooked! The difference is not only based on the 35+ lbs I’ve lost to date, but the enthusiasm, dedication and expert professionalism that Vic brings to every session. His eye for form, knowledge and skill of being a personal trainer, as well as the client care that he expresses is genuine. He truly cares about the success of his clients. I am still on the journey, but I know that with Vic guiding me I will succeed! Thanks Victor!”

Posted By: Carol M
 45 Years Old, Buffalo, NY

“I was a serious long distance runner for about 25 years. I had to stop because of knee damage and severe pain. I originally hired Victor for his knowledge in strength and stability training in the hopes of delaying knee replacement surgery. The last 11 months have been more comfortable than the past 10 years! The reason partly is due to the specialized training received from Victor. The doctors told me to strengthen the muscles in the legs for more knee support. He knew just what to do. It’s helped more than I could have imagined and I still haven’t needed the surgery! Thanks for all your help Victor!”

Posted By: Art L
 62 Years Old, Buffalo, NY

“Victor treated me with respect and became an awesome mentor. He not only trained me, but took the time to teach me the proper methods of good health and nutrition. He came along at a time in my life when I needed a guide and continues to be there to help me along! Thanks Victor!”

Posted By: Patty M
 Buffalo, NY


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